Portfolio Management

Why Property Portfolio Management ?

Often institutional or large portfolio real estate clientele have multiple issues in managing, renting or leasing property. Some of them could be – logistics, legalities, cumbersome, uncertainty, follow-ups, time consuming, assessing tenant profile, lengthy procedures or lack of bandwidth. OAK HILLS offers clients peace of mind by taking over all such responsibilities at an affordable fee. Right from tenant search to any / every tenancy issue – we handle it all !

We have well trained property managers, professional accountants, legal consultants, licensed suppliers, specialist contractors, skilled maintenance labour who assist us and are available. OAK HILLS will monitor and inspect your property regularly. We also provide timely reports, advisories and recommendations to not just prevent your property valuation from decreasing, but to increase your wealthy real estate assets and grow it rapidly.

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Off Plan Projects

Off Plan properties are those that are officially cleared for development, but have not been completely constructed as yet. Hence, they are virgin real estate projects that investors are always on the look out for. To give you just 3 reasons why Dubai’s Off Plan properties are most popular :

Buyers and investors freeze or lock their price which is the lowest it could ever be. It could easily take a couple of years before the property is completely developed and by then the price could appreciate remarkably.

Off Plan properties are generally constructed in new and up-coming areas that have maximum potential of growth in the future. You therefore get a choice of choosing the location of your property, the earlier you make a choice. It could be a better view, near a waterfront or any vantage facility.

In order to attract investments and get started, the developers provide many incentives - both by way of price and attractive payment terms, as also facilities or value add-ons.

Buy / Sell / Rent

OAK HILLS can ably assist you if :

We are known professional match makers in the real estate sector bringing together the right buyers for your properties. Enlist your property with us and experience quick concrete results.

We offer builders and developers 360 degrees sales and marketing solutions ranging from strategic alliances, brand positioning, virtual exposure, targeted advertising, online marketing, corporate leasing, tenant profiling, direct sales to investment options. We also assist in pricing, mortgage, compliance, negotiations, documentation and other related services.

We can advise you on properties to suit your budget in locations of your choice. Our knowledge on maximum growth potential, market conditions, distress sales, due diligence, finance options, property trends, professional inspection, must haves, hidden expenses, time frames, licensed brokers, legalities, valuation, bargains, etc. will benefit you in your decision making process.

We can help you locate a property within a fixed time frame as good real estate is up for grabs fast. We deal only with reputed developers and reliable property owners so you are assured of not wasting time during the search or of having a bad experience. Our biggest strength is negotiating on your behalf - not just on price, but also for customized deals, value added facilities, payment terms, security deposit, any special permissions, etc.

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